Isolary is the flag we fly.

We are a small group of artists and geeks from Portland, Oregon, who work together to build beautiful, functional websites every day. We are real people—professionals with decades of experience in web design, application development, and marketing strategy. We are proud of our work. We drink coffee, talk shop, and help make the Internet a lovely place to visit.

Mickey Deagle

Founder & Lead Designer

Mickey began his working life at a coffee shop, where he grew to appreciate the merit of things made with a little extra care. Things like a perfect pull of espresso, or a handcrafted bicycle. Or an elegant, intuitive website. And that’s where his work went: from coffee to websites (with a few detours along the way, like marketing a bike shop). Mickey celebrates his Portland roots by drinking good beer, riding bicycles and motorcycles, and wearing a beard.

Andrew Ciobanasiu


Andrew “Chew-Buh-Nah-Shoe” is a Portland native (without a motorcycle, espresso machine, or beard) who has been putting too much detail into wireframes since 2006. He is a multi-disiplinary creative who strives to learn something new every day.

Jon Schafer


Jon Schafer believes that creative problems are best solved by applying strong conceptual thinking and minimal design principles. The resulting work strives to be honest, effective, and memorable.

Are you our next Elon Musk?

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Brandon Patton

Lead Developer

Brandon was freelancing as an infrastructure and security consultant before joining Isolary. Designing and operating data centers has been his passion for years, and he brings this passion for process efficiency and reliability into his work as lead developer at Isolary. He can program fluently in nine languages

Blake Patton


Blake is a senior developer who has been a part of the company for 3 years. He specializes in making dreams come true through PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. Whatever you can dream of, he can make it.

Marcel Duchamp

Chief Strategist

A 45-mile-per-hour champion racer in his youth, Marcel has opted for—and rightly earned—a sedentary life of retirement. In fact, Marcel has demonstrated time and again that, unless there's an office fire, there's really no need to lumber oneself out of a position of recline. He is our daily inspiration.

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