A new version of mylistings is up and running! We’ve made a whole bunch of updates including live, interactive demos on our website. Now we’re looking for real estate agents to give mylistings a test drive.

Since making the first announcement, we’ve been hard at work reaching out to industry professionals for their feedback. The response has been great.

This time around, we focused on building out two main interactive demos:

  1. Single property listing pages and,
  2. a clean, professional agent portfolio page.
Screenshot of mylistings website
The new mylistings landing page, live now at https://getmylistings.com

One of our favorite agents allowed us to build a demo using some of his past listings. Jim Arnal has been in the real estate world for decades, and it shows. His portfolio and quality of work speaks for itself. One of his past listings is featured in our preview. Learn more about Jim on his personal website.

This marks the next step in our process. We’re looking for more people like Jim to be added to the beta tester group.

You can be added to our group by heading over to getmylistings.com and signing up with your email. Shortly after signing up, you’ll get a link to take our survey, which asks if you would like to be added to our beta tester group. From there, you’ll receive updates about mylistings. People in the group will be first to know about core features—like creating an account and managing listings—all coming soon.

Feel free to reach out with any questions by sending an email to info@getmylistings.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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