We teamed up with The Sufferfest to build an ecommerce centered promotional site for the ultimate cyclist training app.

Building on top of Shopify, we created a web/UI guideline alongside a library of React components. Bike, body & mind: Complete training for the complete cyclist.

The original business model was built around purchase-able, digital downloads. From custom performance plans to the most entertaining cycling training videos available and awesome Sufferlandrian goods, Shopify was working splendidly.

Then came the app. A completely new experience for The Sufferfest that was built upon a new initiative: the complete cyclist. It was clear that most training apps offered two-dimensional metrics for gauging one’s performance and growth over time. The Sufferfest had other things in mind.

Cover image courtesy Allen Krughoff

The Sufferfest was setting the bar higher—and their website needed to shout it in a new way.

The new app was making waves. Using their cross platform app, The Sufferfest’s team created a series of tests that gave their riders a more complete picture of their performance. They called it 4DP, 4-Dimensional Power.

Among the many great features of their app, this new model for measuring performance could be used to uniquely scale each of their training workouts per each individual.

What does this mean for cyclists? Completely personalized training that’s focused on challenging you in the areas where you need it most.

Videos and metrics weren’t just about wattage anymore. The best cyclists are more than just their bike. New content in the realms of mental coaching and strength training gives riders the tools they need to round out their performance in ways that other training platforms just can’t compete with.

The new goal was to get the app in the hands of the people. For the first act, our teams collaborated to completely restructure existing content in a way that focused on highlighting new features while additionally supporting many successful collections of great tangible goods.

We designed and developed a completely custom Shopify theme optimized for getting folks acquainted with The Sufferfest app. We made sure that it plugged in nicely with already existing fulfillment channels.

Since the app was cross-platform from the start, we were also contracted to build out a library of React components that would be used to not only keep the experience unified across all platforms, but to save time for The Sufferfest’s developers so they could focus on improving existing features or adding shiny new ones.

This React component library was backed with a comprehensive Digital Brand Guideline that established a system of styles to be iterated upon continuously. A foundational step in creating an efficient, world-class, digital experience.

The Sufferfest continues to expand and improve on their training app. Most recently, we helped them promote and launch a new version that brought a sweet new look and awesome improvements with even more content to take advantage of.

In July 2019, The Sufferfest was acquired by Wahoo Fitness. A match made in “agonia”, many would say.

We’re happy to say that we enjoyed every minute of suffering alongside the awesome team at The Sufferfest and we look forward to seeing how they continue to push cycling training to the next level.

Isolary are consummate professionals who took the time to truly understand our business, assess our needs, and deliver a solution that exceeded our expectations. They offered the perfect mix of creativity, clear communication, and seamless implementation that was both on time and on budget. They build long-term relationships with their customers as effectively as they build their projects.
Dylan Robbins, Head of Marketing at THE SUFFERFEST


Shopify, React, Sketch, InVision


Web Design, UX Research & Design, Web Development, UI Design

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